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The Alchemist

Been doing some “ inner work “speaking about Alchemy, back in 1998 when leaving Rhodes, Greece a few days before I was leaving for America I met a firefighter named George. Kind, thoughtful, and has the knowledge I would not expect. He told me I have to read the Alchemist.

We spoke about being on your personal journey. About the amazing things travel will teach you. It was the most inspiring week I shared with him.

I had not wanted to come to the states but was torn to be home for my twin nieces' births. I had met him because I sold my bookcase. If you know me you understand the importance of books in my life.

The most unusual story began this way. He drove me to the airport. My flight was from Rhodes to Athens to NYC to Houston.

In Athens, I got on the plane with a pilot and his sister and all the Greek Orthodox priests taking the new bishop to NYC. I felt safe and spiritually protected.

Landing in The back terminal of JFK there was a bus and I had 5 pieces of luggage. There was a Hurricane!!!! All flights were canceled. I had a credit card and an international phone card. I would have to wait in such a state for two days or so for a flight to Houston. I had a ticket for 9/21 but changed it for 9/16.and figured I should have not made the change!!!

I asked the desk if any flights were going. They found me one for 400$ to Geneva and then Athens. This was before pay phones would take credit cards. I could not call my family to say I was stranded!!! With no dollars and no cell phone and no money exchange, I got on the nearly empty plane. The only other passengers were Rabbis going to Jerusalem for Yom Kippur( so amazing I found my book agent on Yom Kippur a few years back!)

I landed in Geneva and called my sisters-in-laws and told them what happened. I called George and asked him to come back to him in Rhodes. He thought I never went !!

I told him what happened and we had the talk about how sometimes you have to think of what’s best for the family, not just you.

The next day I went back to my travel agent. She looked in disbelief and asked why was I not in the USA. I asked you to find me another flight. It was 9/21. I went to George’s and told him I was leaving in a half hour!!! I kissed him and off to Houston I went.

My brother-in-law got me at the airport with my young nephew. His birthday is this week, and I must say that I am so honored to have such an understanding family!! We went to the hospital to see my sister. The twins were born the next day.

I wrote these back in 2003. Got published at Was talking with Henry Quesada about alchemy. Transforming some thing negative to positive to something else and remembered the equilibrium poem. Hope you like it



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