Jazz and Coffee

Jazz, coffee shops, drawing, singing, and dancing: the stories of my creative life.

How tragic love can be. The ending of a marriage in the first case, caused me to give up the color pink, jazz, drawing, and being called Cindy. When I left my home to go to college, I had become to be known as Cindy, not Cynthia. I felt it made me feel braver, more confident, and more fun.

The second space of marriage, made me give up dance, socializing in coffee shops, antiques, and arts. Part of me felt that was putting my Boston sophistication under control. I have always been full of life and strong-willed. It made me see that many relationships wanted to either harness my creative power for themselves or make me put it away as it reflected badly on them. My life has been a study of reinvention!

The horrible memories of how my love and my passion were used against me, made me want to never share my stories again. With time and healing, I realized that others might need to know that others have been struggling too.

Savoring coffee to the sounds of jazz. Promoting art and appreciating antique lights my soul. Sharing my stories at times seems like an act of rebellion. That I actually have the audacity to be myself!

Appreciating the sensual things in life like a touch, a deep conversation, a whisper, a knowing smile. Really love that you understood, and with you in my world, I can savor life once again.



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Salonista Cynthia

Passionate about art and science, I identify as a poet. Concentric careers made me an entrepreneur. My imagination is where I live!