Reinventing out of Necessity

woke up wanting to write my story. The one I never tell because I’m scared to share it. As I thought. About all those things that hold you back from being your authentic self!

I was talking about risk. Those moments. You are brought to the brink of. Fear and have to move through it. The other side of fear has great rewards.

I have always been a bit unique if anything. My first marriage took me from the tried and true path of my future. I went into the unknown because of love. Live in another country, learn to drive stick, learn to sail, open a business or two. I felt loved and appreciated which made me deeply centered.

When the sense of appreciation left because anything I put my heart and soul succeeds above my wildest dreams. I had a relationship or two that helped me work through. The loss of my identity as a married woman.

Funny I had a fling with a CIA agent that made me look into my deepest secrets and another with a funny friend that was a total pawn to domineering parents. When I went home from Athens to Boston when my father had a stroke, I took my kitten and had my friends and employees keep. The bakery going. I had my passport in my hand and had seen my spy friend as I was boarding.

It was a rough. We had to arrange everything as. My sis and I lived far away. Stressful as we packed up donated etc. I had my moms wedding ring and almost anything of value. I returned to Athens and went right into working. I made the bagels for the Marriott Hotel. I went inside to drop them off. When. I came out to my Fiat, missing was my purse. 24 hours after I landed

Contents: wallet full with passport, licencse, international license, work permit. All my eyeglasses as I had them repaired and a brand new pair. Which was a birthday present.A Jewlery sack as I had been. Making bagels including my wedding ring, diamond earrings,my moms wedding ring with a value of about. 20k. All the keys to my business and home.

So call friends and do Police report. Go to embassy and make declaration. Question. Did anyone see you with your passport. The agent I knew said he worked. There I asked for him. He verified my citizenship. I had to wait. Months for my sis to go to parents home find my passport from childhood.

I had many adventures in my time there . I later came in contact with some Un savory elements when I lived in Rhodes while negotiating for my work permits. I talked my way through customs. A few times. It seems that little by little I forgot who I. Once was.

After leaving. Greece after ten years and adventure number one and two trying to work. There again. I landed in San Diego. Starting my life over. One wrong move I fell in love and remarried. I arrived like a foreigner in my own. Country so it was natural that I felt most at home at that time in the international community. The man who loved me dearly and treated me the worst anyone has ever had. I doubted if I was capable of anything??

It was so bizarre. His family was similar to mine. What caused him to terrorize my existence? Courts, lawyers and police became a part of my life. Had I not had the work in my passion of Persian rugs I would probably not be here sharing my story.

I had a part time job at Staples. One day while at work. Someone went. In my car and took my briefcase. It had paperwork, passport and recommendation letters I had from the physicians I worked with in Nuclear Medicine. It even had my social security card.

So once again. My identity had to be rebuilt. How many times I had to start all over. Then eventually I got divorced. The first time took three years. The second marriage, two years of happiness,eight years of fighting ended in one year after we filed.

I had start all over. Finally. I got my courage up and in 2010 moved to Coronado, finished my MBA, and found out I have lupus.

Eventually I got an awesome job in a Hospital Clinic. When that ended, that whole way of life did to. I had to give up 90% of. My belongings. Move to a different place, put my cat companion down and begin once again.

At times when I get disappointed and discouraged I know Deep inside I am stronger than anyone would ever know. The thing about power. Is that knowing you have it and being able to decide how and when to exert it, makes you even more so.

Reinventing out of necessity has made me who I. Am.



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Salonista Cynthia

Salonista Cynthia

Passionate about art and science, I identify as a poet. Concentric careers made me an entrepreneur. My imagination is where I live!