We all belong to the tribe called humanity.

We strive to be individuals, to have love, support, friendship, and fellowship.

The aftermath of the global pandemic has been tragic.

The ill, the elderly, often die all alone. Family times are limited and rare in-person events, which have resulted in a greater sense of isolation.

Sharing meals, music, sports, and special occasions and even sharing our sorrows in the group makes us feel like we belong, and our burdens tolerable.

When you are feeling all alone do remember you are part of the tribe called humanity.



The contest says, to share a poem about Driving at night.

The thought brings an image to mind.

Thanksgiving weekend in my youth.

We decided to try my cousin's idea.

Drive through the night, avoiding traffic

From Massachusetts to New Jersey.

The roads were quiet.

The air was colder.

My mother, hot rod Mary

Was at the wheel.

We enjoyed adventure

As a family, something new to do.

We would say yes instead of no.

So into the night, we go.

It was somewhere around freezing.

Black ice on the road.

Mother alerted us as cautiously she drove.

Prayers were said together.

For about fifteen minutes we held our breath

Driving in the night.

We made it over the bridge

Arriving safe in the morning light.



You &I

I looked into your eyes and saw a pool of love. The waves touch my heart and soul as they touch the shore. We are part of the same ocean, you and I. Our souls swim together in the inner sea, though we may not be near. We are always flowing into each other. The stream is always flowing between us, you and I. At last we will swim together in our sea of love.



Found this on a napkin I wrote on some time ago:

Emotional Vacation

The pieces fit when together. The emotional. Vacation one feels with me. Like time with me heals and restores love and spirit. Lives return to a normal pace. The divine lights we share still there. Travel resumes and do keep the lights on.



Salonista Cynthia

Salonista Cynthia

Passionate about art and science, I identify as a poet. Concentric careers made me an entrepreneur. My imagination is where I live!